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Oil and Butter

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. While eating a cheese pizza or frying up some crispy chicken, that oil drips or pops onto your favorite shirt leaving behind what you think is a ‘forever stain’.  All is not lost! Amy’s Laundry has some tips to get that stubborn stain out.

It’s important to treat the stain right away. When you reduce the time oil has to bond with fabric, you increase the likelihood of success. First, treat the stain with a 50/50 mixture of ammonia and detergent (liquid Tide is a great option), then submerge the stain in lukewarm water for about 30 minutes. Once you take the garment out of the water, dab the stain with Dawn dish liquid. Careful, a little goes a long way!

If you prefer a more natural approach, try using baking soda. Liberally apply baking soda to the oil stain and let it sit for 30 minutes; watch as the baking soda removes the oil! Rinse the baking soda away and dab with Dawn dish liquid.

Never rub the stain, as this may force the stain to grow! Repeat these steps until the stain is no longer visible. Then wash the item normally on the warmest temperature the care instructions allow.

Remember, most stains are treatable with a little knowledge and patience. Check back soon for more laundry tips and tricks!