Laundry Drop Off

Amy's Laundry
271 E Main St. Westminster, MD 21157
+1-410 848-1616
Mon - Fri: 7:00am - 10:00pm
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Laundry Drop Off

Life can get busy – you don’t have time to sit there and watch the grass grow (or watch your laundry soak!). Let us lighten your load with residential laundry services in Westminster, Md that are as quick as drop-off and drive-out. We’ll pre-treat tough spots, wash, dry, and fold your clothes – it’s two minutes to stop by and two minutes to pick-up, and then you’re on your way (easy, right?).

At Amy’s Laundry, we wash and dry clothes to the 912 Standard*. We match socks, remove lint from pockets… everything you’d want to ensure your clothes are spotlessly clean and look and feel great! 912 Laundry Standard* is the highest standard of care in the industry and we stand by it, with every sock, every shirt, and every customer.

And if you need something special, we’ve got that covered too. Amy’s Laundry will gladly supply allergy packages, use high-grade sanitizing agents, or even treat hard-worn athletic clothes with our industrial-grade sports packages. We make sure that your laundry is done your way (so whatever you need, just ask!).

Stop wasting the day away waiting for that grass to grow, or that laundry to soak. Let Amy’s Laundry take the load off your shoulders with our quick and convenient wash, dry, fold drop-off services.

*Every piece of clothing is turned right-side-out, spot-treated with stain-specific enzymes, washed with commercial-grade detergent, dried, folded or hung to support a professional, crease-free look, and packaged for efficient storage in your home.