Commercial Laundry Service

You’re a busy business owner who needs time to focus on what matters most: the parts of your business that help it grow. There’s no time to waste watching that last spin cycle! So let Amy’s Laundry take over so you can get back to work. We pick up the slack for our local businesses, laundering their towels, drop cloths, uniforms, blankets, rags, mop heads, and so much more, so they can get back to work.

Feel free to drop off as little as 20 pounds or as much as 500! We’ll handle anything and everything that’s stained or disheveled, professionally washing, drying, and folding your items to the highest standard of cleanliness. We use stain-specific enzymes and industrial-grade detergents to ensure every piece is 100% hygienic, totally clean, and looking great. We’ll also fold linens and uniforms with an eye for professionalism, avoiding unsightly creases and ensuring that your staff look polished and professional in their newly washed clothes.

So don’t stress about the stains, the dirt, or the bothersome parts of your business’s day-to-day. Let Amy’s Laundry tackle the washing and drying so you can focus on your business and get back to helping it grow! We’re here to pick up the slack and support our community, its members, and its thriving local businesses with beautifully cleaned clothes and service that’ll make your day.


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